Call for photos (single)
Theme: YouthHood
This contest is open for everyone. Topic: #YouthHood. This year Tirana is European Youth Capital, but the aim of this theme is also to put in focus young generation who are leaving the country, finding no hopes to live here. All the genres are welcomed, portraits, street, urban, photojournalism, etc. Show us youthhood from your perspective, the joy, the dreams, the habits, the fears, the life. Winners will be announced in the opening night of the Festival 2022
Deadline 1 August 2022
Participants: From all over the world
Topic: YouthHood
Photos from all over Albania ( Photos can be landscape, urban, tradition, culture, history, people, etc)
From1 May– 1 August 2022 we are accepting submission of photos from emerging and established artists and photographers from Albania and from all over the world. The best photos will be shown at the exhibition during the days of Tirana Photo Festival
Suburbian YouthHood - Concrete and Dreams (Tirana, Liqeni Paskuqan, 2022)
The day winds down - Teenagers hang out at the Liqeni Paskuqan, Suburbian Tirana

The Photo was taken on a chilling (calm?) Friday evening in June 22, Sony Alpha 7R IVA, 2022-06-24T19:55:48+02:00 17mm, f13, 1/30. Resolution 240dpi 9xxx 6xxx
Liqeni Paskuqan (Surburbian between Tirana and Kamza)
I was on the way back from the Lake Bovilla Area. After some strange accidents with my bike - crash on a gas station, broken chainand repairing by the helpful „Uncle“ in Kamza - thanks again! - I landed there and could take a breath and enjoyed the peaceful scene.
(I like the peacefullness, the wideness of the landscape and the light and the indecision of the guy with the red cape.)
I liked the calm, the light, the vastness of the landscape and the indecisiveness of the guy with the red basecap. And the strange slightly irritating perspective 
caused by the concrete slope. That seems to reinforces) the helplessness and forlornness of the scene.
I know the difficult situation of the Albanian Youth, but I could note - next to all misery and hopelessness -   a lot of potential, honesty and hospitality too. That makes me hopefully. All the best.

Calls For Exhibitors
Call for photo series
This competition is open for professional photographers
The theme for this year is: Framing Albania
Each participant can submit up to 10 project for each project
Deadline for application is 1st August

01 Faith, Spirit, Hope (Probably only stone chipping)
01 Faith, Spirit, Hope (Probably only stone chipping)
02 Interference
02 Interference
03 Untitled
03 Untitled
04 Horse on the Hill
04 Horse on the Hill
Serie "At the Lake Ohrid - Liqeni Ohrid"
All photos were shot in and around Pogradec, Eastern Albania at the Lake Ohrid. I want to show the uniqueness and beauty of this lake and the contrasts and overlaps of nature and human impact there.
Lake Ohrid - Liqeni i Ohrit is a lake which straddles the mountainous border between the southwestern part of North Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes, with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species.
North Macedonia's side of Lake Ohrid was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Albania's side of Lake Ohrid was also designated UNESCO world heritage status in 2019. 
In Albania, the coastal portion of the lake holds Managed Nature Reserve status. In North Macedonia, a portion of the lakeside is part of the Galičica National Park.
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